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Feng Shui is literally defined as wind and water, as “Feng” means wind and “Shui” means water. These elements are associated with good health and fortune, and using Feng Shui techniques in your home will improve the flow of these energies. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice, and there are basic ground rules that must be followed for it to work. The Chinese defined “chi” as an invisible energy that binds life together. Furthermore, it is impossible for strong chi to exist in the home if there is clutter and dirt.
When using Feng Shui techniques, the first order of business should be to remove all dust, dirt and clutter in the home that gets in the way of positive, healthy energy. In furniture placement, these requirements are extremely important. Perhaps the most important area of the home to consider is the bedroom, as this is where you rest. The energy flowing in this space should be calm and harmonious.

If you plan to use Feng Shui techniques in your home, familiarize yourself with the Bagua map. It is an eight-sided energy map tool used to lay out the floor plan of your home starting from the front door, as this entry point is considered the “mouth of Chi” where all energy enters the house. Fen Shui dictates that the Bagua map should be used in great detail and drawn over the house plan. Once every aspect of your home is in place, you can see what areas of your life need improvement and focus specifically on those areas.

Feng Shui techniques can be a great tool to bring prosperity, happiness, love and harmony into your life.

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